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Made Of What Matters!
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Kinetica Sports is about inspiring performance. Whether in the gym smashing your next lift or on the pitch looking for that extra yards’ pace; what matters to us, is that our products give you the edge and assistance you need to achieve your goals.

Kinetica’s roots in sports nutrition go back to the 1970s. Before Arnie knew what a protein shake was; Kinetica’s parent company (Carbery Group) were one of the first globally to manufacture and sell Whey Protein to the sports market. This wealth of experience and knowledge in the sector for over three decades now has allowed Kinetica to produce the highest quality sports nutrition products available.

The entire Kinetica range is compliant with WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) guidelines; is naturally flavoured and free from all artificials.


Made of What Matters



  • High Quality Dairy Proteins
  • High Fibre and Gelatine free
  • Free from artificial flavours and colours
  • Batch tested within the WADA framework