BCAA Energy

BCAA Energy

BCAA Food Supplement
L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine with Natural Caffeine!
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30 Servings
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Blue Raz
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Product Overview

EVLution Nutrition. BCAA Energy. 1.25g Valine. 5g BCAAs. 1.25g Isoleucine. 2.5g Leucine. Natural Energizers. Improve Recovery*. Zero Added Sugar. Zero Calorie. Gluten Free. EVLution Nutrition. BCAA Energy. 1.25g Valine. 5g BCAAs. 1.25g Isoleucine. 2.5g Leucine. Natural Energizers. Improve Recovery*. Zero Added Sugar. Zero Calorie. Gluten Free.

Ultrapremium BCAAS in proven 2:1:1 Ratio:

L-LEUCINE (2.5g/serving)

L-ISOLEUCINE (1.25g/serving)

L-VALINE (1.25g/serving)

Other Key Performance Ingredients:

BETA ALANINE (500mg/serving)

L-ALANINE (500mg/serving)


Vitamin B6 and B12 help support energy levels* through intense workouts plus Vitamin C's antioxidant contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.*



Vitamins B6, B12, and Thiamine contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.


Caffeine contributes to increased alertness and to improved attention in doses of least 75 mg per serving. Do not exceed daily intake of 300 mg of caffeine.


Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Comparison BCAA Energy Chart


Great Mixability


Fitness Enthusiasts and Athletes!


5g of high quality BCAAs per serving combined with Beta Alanine, L-alanine, Taurine and B & C Vitamins. BCAA ENERGY® uses caffeine and antioxidants from Green Coffee and Green Tea.


Anytime! Use whenever you would reach for a coffee, soda or energy drink. Customize your experience based on occasion with 1-2 servings.

Why Take It?

BCAA Energy contains the highest quality of BCAAs and key ingredients along with zero sugar and carbs. Nothing else offers so many benefits! Once you make the switch, you will never go back!

Ratings & Reviews

Overall Rating
2,070 Ratings
Verified Buyer Rating
1,182 Ratings
Average Flavor Rating
19 Flavors
Top Rated Flavor
Strawberry Limeade
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Verified Buyer
  • 8 Vanilla Latte
  • 10 Cherry Limeade

Vanilla Latter taste great at the start, later on you can get tired of it. Make sure you have other flavor amino acids to not get bored of the flavor. Cherry limeade and furious grape never disappoint. EVL has ncie quality BCAA's #Gamesngains

Verified Buyer
  • 10 Strawberry Limeade
  • 10 Blue Raz
  • 10 Green Apple
  • 10 Pink Lemonade

The product does what it says and it great all around. I try all these products with 2 scoops in a 16-ounce bottle. Now for flavors, Blue Raz is like a blue raspberry flavor sorta or a berry flavor and its good. Green Apple felt way too strong for a 16 oz bottle, though my friend loved it and bought 2 tubs. ALTHOUGH it does taste sweet and a green apple vibe to it, it tasted amazing when you add more water than 16 ounces for 2 scoops. So if you want to add more water to it it's great. Pink Lemonade is good, general lemonade flavor and my second favorite flavor. My favorite is strawberry limeade, 10/10 this is really good and refreshing for me. You can enjoy randomly on the day and during the gym. Really good flavor and the powder on this one feels different and mixes what I think is the same or better than the others I've tried. Really good, someone said sorta like a strawberry jolly rancher and I'm inclined to agree a bit but there is some limeade in the flavor. My next flavor I want to try is cherry limeade, so far great product.

Verified Buyer
  • 10 Furious Grape
  • 10 Pineapple
  • 10 Peach Mango

Some caffeinated BCAA's give me jitters or make me feel itchy. BCAA Energy gives me the quick burst I need without all the backlash. Love the flavors too. Mixes very well.

  • 10 Naturally Flavored Orchard Grape

My favorite BCAA Energy flavor is Naturally Flavored Orchard Grape because it taste really good. and it is amazing energy booster it gives me alot of engery so i can workout more without getting tired fast. I think everybody should try this amazing product.

Verified Buyer
  • 10 Strawberry Limeade
  • 8 Lemon Lime
  • 8 Pineapple
  • 10 Peach Mango
  • 10 Acai Berry
  • 10 Pink Lemonade

Perfect for curbing cravings on contest prep. I'll take a scoop with 4-6oz of water if I'm in need of something sweet. Otherwise I do a serving pre workout, before my cardio session, and then post workout. Highly recommend!

  • 10 Naturally Flavored Orchard Grape
  • 10 Blueberry Mojito

Love this product great tasting and always at a great price.

Verified Buyer
  • 10 Furious Grape
  • 10 Blue Raz
  • 10 Acai Berry

Love the line of all these products and these BCAAs are no exception.

Verified Buyer
  • 9 Orange

This was a great product. I love the flavor, it mixes really well also. No downsides to this product. You won’t regret this purchase.

Verified Buyer
  • 3 Cherry Limeade

I used to buy a few containers at a time when it went on sale. Flavor was amazing. They must have changed their formula because the last 3 containers i've gone through have been mostly flavorless and bland. Too bad, I guess it's time to find another daily bcaa drink

Verified Buyer
  • 1 Blue Raz

I am so confused on why this tastes so horribly. I have bought this same exact product previously and it tasted very good, the same each time. I opened up this last container, put 2 scoops in my 8 ounces of water as I usually do in my clean bottle I use, shook it up, and I almost puked. It smells and tastes like medicine or something?? What is going on? I have had other people taste as well and they are like what in the heck are you drinking that nasty thing for? so, I do not know if there was a bad batch in the line? or if an disgruntled employee added something before they were sealed? I have it with me right now. If a representative or something would want to come taste this and tell me what the heck I just swallowed I would love it. I am just so confused how I can buy the same exact product numerous amount of times and now this happens? any explanation would help. other than this container, I have loved the product though. so should I continue buying this brand and product or try something new?

Verified Buyer
  • 2 Naturally Flavored Orchard Grape
  • 5 Naturally Flavored Tropical Punch

I can’t speak for the other flavors but the naturally flavored bcca’s are the worst tasting supplements I have ever tried. I like to keep out as many artificial flavors and colors as possible so I decided to go the natural option. I have to mix other water enhancing products just to be able to get to drink it. Other than that I love the amino and caffeine doses but if you want it natural, don’t buy this

Verified Buyer
  • 10 Furious Grape
  • 9 Acai Berry

This product is by far the best on the market , great taste, mixed well, taste great and good price ,Amazing!!!!

  • 10 Furious Grape
  • 10 Acai Berry

Great product! I enjoy all of the flavors. Personal favorite is the furious grape, but I haven’t had a flavor that I don’t like! I would highly recommend

Verified Buyer
  • 9 Furious Grape
  • 9 Acai Berry

Really love these flavors! Full of energy and definitely pack a refreshing punch! Mixes well and definitely gives results especially when you're drained after a grueling workout this will improve your mood and make you feel much better! Highly recommend this product to anyone looking for good BCAAs

Verified Buyer
  • 10 Naturally Flavored Blue Raspberry
  • 10 Naturally Flavored Tropical Punch

Tastes great, completely dissolves, good energy, no jitters. Top notch product. Use as a post or pre workout or anytime pick me up. No artificial sweeteners or colors. A+++


30 Servings Blue Raz
Serving Size 2 scoops (9g)
Servings Per Container 30
Amount Per Serving %DV
Vitamin C 90 mg 150%
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCI) 10 mg 500%
Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) 30 mcg 500%
2:1:1 BCAA Matrix
L-Leucine (Instantized) 2,500mg
L-Isoleucine 1,250mg
L-Valine 1,250mg
Carnosyn® Beta-Alanine 500mg
L-Alanine 500mg
Taurine 500mg
Natural Energizers 110mg
Natural Caffeine (from Coffee Bean), Green Tea Extract (standardized for EGCG) (leaf)
‡ Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
† Daily value not established.
Other Ingredients:
Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Sucralose, Silica, FD&C Blue 1
Allergen Warning: Contains Soy (Lecithin)

Directions For BCAA Energy: As a food supplement, mix 2 scoops of BCAA ENERGY® in 8-10 oz of cold water (vary amount of water by taste preference). Do not use more than 4 total servings per day. BCAA ENERGY® contains caffeine and Beta-Alanine. Beta-Alanine can create a temporary tingling feeling on your skin. This is normal and diminishes with continued use.


This product is only intended for use by healthy adults 18 years of age or older. Do not exceed recommended serving amounts or daily intake. Do not use this product if you are pregnant, contemplating pregnancy or nursing, if you have any pre-existing medical condition or if you are taking any prescription or OTC medications. Discontinue use 2 weeks prior to surgery. This product contains caffeine. Do not use if you are caffeine sensitive. Keep out of reach of children.

Note: FD&C Red #40 (Allura Red) and Yellow #5 (Tartrazine) may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

Food Supplement with Sweeteners

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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