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Carbon by Layne Norton
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I’ve been in the iron game for 20 years as a scientist, champion natural bodybuilder, raw elite powerlifter, and physique architect for a long list of pro clients. I thrive on research and results. Because I saw a need for well-formulated supplements that completely cut the BS, I developed my own line that smart lifters could trust: CARBON.

CARBON supplements are tools for those who train hard, eat smart, and care about what they put in their bodies. They’re grounded in a combination of cutting-edge and time-tested research, developed for lifters who understand that supplements aren’t a magic fix.

I’m not about using hot new ingredients backed by one flimsy study, or adding a sprinkle of actives to my products. I care only about using scientifically proven ingredients in efficacious doses to help you repair, build, and maximize your muscle growth.




“In my mind, nobody could take the place or Dr. Layne Norton. His extensive knowledge in nutrition and training plus his experience with hundreds of other clients makes him the ideal coach.” – Francisco Montealegre, WNBF Pro Bodybuilder

“He is no nonsense. No Squeems, no food restrictions, minimal cardio, and no diuretics. That means no binging, no rebounding, just living a healthy lifestyle staying lean.” – Kelly Hater

“Within a year we have transformed my physique, improved my metabolism and most importantly, given me a new outlook on competing and my overall health.” – Laurin Conlin

“Working with Dr. Layne Norton for both my nutritional guidance and training has been one of the best decisions of my life. Throughout my prep for my first figure show and powerlifting meet, Layne guided me with a scientific approach. We never took extreme measures and my health and well being was always the first priority.” – Katie Rutherford

“I had a big international competition coming up and I needed to be ready. I followed Layne’s plan to the letter and when peak week came, I looked different every day.” – Stephen Box

“Using Layne’s diet and training year round I found myself improving constantly. I stepped on stage at my all time best and walked away with an overall victory and NGA Pro Card. Layne backs his approach to bodybuilding and contest prep with experience and proven results. He practices what he preaches and never boasts or brags.” – Paul Revelia, IFPA Pro Bodybuilder

“Layne’s nickname is the ‘Physique Architect,’ and to be honest, I though that was probably marketing hype. Well, it’s not. Not only did he assist in leaning me out, when we transitioned into the mass gaining phase, I did not get overly fat.” – Ninh Nguyen, PhD


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